The solution to live your menstrual cycle serenely

Copines is a Swiss brand of menstrual lingerie, optimistic and positive.Our goal is to create quality period panties at an affordable price.We are committed to offering more people the opportunity to have access to durable menstrual protection that is toxic-free, comfortable and effective, for their health and well-being.
After several years of using reusable menstrual protectors, Vanessa, the founder of the Copines brand, found it a pity that some women could not afford menstrual panties, due to lack of financial means, when this product only offers advantages.By combining our three essential criteria; health, comfort and savings, we have taken care to create high-performance and comfortable period panties at a fair price.This is how Copines, a brand of Swiss menstrual panties was born.
Because the subject of rules should not be taboo:
Menstruation, we all live it; what's more, menstruation is a natural process, so there's no shame in it.We believe that a menstrual cycle should be lived as calmly as possible.
Because period protections should be healthy, for our health and for the planet:
Being healthy is fundamental and we must act for our well-being.By using the period panties we take care of ourselves and we will impact our lives and the environment in a positive way.
Because everyone must be able to have access to long-lasting and quality menstrual protection:
Menstrual protection is an essential product, it is important to be able to feel good and reassured during the rules.Having effective and reusable protection that lasts over time frees us from all constraints.