Here, you will find plenty of answers to your questions about the Girlfriends period panties.If, however, you are missing any information you can write to us via the contact form and we will answer you with pleasure.

Answers about the Girlfriends period panties:

What are period pants?

Period panties are like everyday panties but with an absorbent lining in the crotch area.It is a menstrual protection , washable and reusable, it is healthy, economical and ecological.

How does the period panties work?

The menstrual panty is made of three technical fabrics.The assembly of these fabrics at the crotch is anti-odor, anti-leak and anti-humidity.They move away, absorb and hold blood in order to stay dry and prevent the panties from leaking.

How do I choose the size of my period panties?

To know your size properly, all you have to do is measure your hip circumference at the widest point of your pelvis and then consult our size guide .

If you are between two sizes, we advise you to take the larger size so that you are more comfortable.

How many period panties do I need?

Everything will depend on your use and the length of your cycle.If your period lasts an average of 4 - 5 days and you choose to wash it by hand and put it to dry immediately so that you can use it again the next day, 3 period panties are enough.

If you prefer to rinse them and wash them later in the machine, you will need at least 5 period panties.

How long can I wear the period panties?

You can wear the Girlfriends period panties until 12pm but this will of course depend on the degree of your flow.Our two current period panties have good absorption capacity.Alone, they can absorb the equivalent of up to 3-4 tampons.

Can I wear period panties at night?

Yes of course, on our period panties , the absorbent fabrics go up to the elastic at the front and back, which gives you extra protection when lying on your stomach and on your back.

Are the period panties thick?

A period panty is certainly a little thicker than a classic panty, due to the absorbent lining in the crotch.But it remains discreet and very quickly you will no longer see the difference with your other usual panties.

How long do my Girlfriends period panties last?

The more you take care of them, the longer your period panties will last, between 4-5 years.It is important to follow the maintenance advice carefully in order to preserve its absorption capacity and its duration of use.

What is the program satisfied or refunded, the menstrual panties are guaranteed?

We know that changing your habits is not always easy, which is why we have created the satisfaction or money back program that allows you to test your first Girlfriends period panties.You can learn more about this program here; satisfied or refunded .

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

Yes we accept returns within 14 days of receiving your order.You can see the conditions here; Right of return

What are the delivery times for my order?

Normally the items ordered are shipped within 2 to 4 working days.Packages are shipped by Swiss Post.

Why do you have to wash your period panties before use?

Washing activates and increases the absorption capacity of your panties.The more you wash, the more it absorbs.

Caring for your Girlfriends period panties

How to wash the period panties?

It is important to rinse your period panties well in cold water (until the water runs clear) immediately after use and not to let the blood dry in them.

You can then wash it simply by hand or in a machine at maximum 40 ° C and then put it to air dry, it is important not to use a dryer in order to not damage the waterproof membrane of your panties. rules.

Choose the least greasy detergent possible and avoid using fabric softeners, fatty soap with glycerin or bleach clogs the tissues and reduces the absorption capacity of your period panties.

The company and manufacturing

Who are you ?

A Swiss company located in the canton of Vaud, created by Vanessa and Jacques.

If you want to know more about the history and the mission of the brand it's here; Girlfriends.

Are the Copines period panties “Made in Switzerland”?

No, Copines period panties are produced, developed and stored at the headquarters of the Copines brand in Switzerland, but manufactured in China for the following reasons:

In order to accomplish our mission to bring you quality period panties at affordable prices.

There is currently no manufacture of such a product in our territory.

For the supply of various natural raw materials which mainly come from Asian countries.

Our choice of partnership with Chinese manufacturers is motivated by their experience and technical expertise in this area.After several prototyping tests in different manufacturers of menstrual lingerie, we found a partner who met our technical and quality requirements.

How do you control the quality of your production?

We work in close collaboration with a French partner based in China who ensures the quality control of each part before its shipment to Switzerland.

How do you manage the ethical aspect of your business?

We are Swiss, so all the management of orders, shipments and after-sales service is done from Switzerland.

With regard to production, our French partner based in China, following our request, carried out social audits of our suppliers before we made a commitment with them.The results of these audits are more than satisfactory.