Collection: The ideal rule protection in all circumstances.

The best reusable period protection, which replaces tampons, sanitary napkins and the menstrual cup

Menstrual lingerie in modal for women in all its diversity. The collection of organic menstrual panties for teenagers for more well-being during menstruation.

Period panties, the healthy, durable and economical alternative to live a menstrual cycle in complete peace of mind. Instead of invasive and toxic hygienic protections, opt for our menstrual underwear for more well-being during the period of menstruation!

Good to know about period lingerie:

What is period lingerie?

It is an underwear with absorbent technology made to absorb menstrual flow. It is like a classic panty but thanks to these absorbent capacities which are in the crotch part, the menstrual panty effectively absorbs the rules and replaces all the classic hygienic protections. Our Qoozi menstrual lingerie is not only efficient but also elegant, with a touch of dotted lace on the sides. Associated with organic cotton; it's the perfect combo to have a healthy and sexy menstrual protection in order to be pretty while being serene during your period.

Opting for the use of Swiss menstrual panties means being reassured! Having peace of mind during menstruation is a significant comfort.

It is for this reason that, at Qoozi, we favor natural materials and products that are not harmful to the body. Healthy and resistant, our period underwear is made of health-safe fabrics, offering effective absorption for the heaviest periods.

With Qoozi panties, it's time to take care of your menstrual health and say goodbye to all unsafe solutions!

Periodic lingerie: How does it work?

Everything you need to know about how periodical lingerie works;

Qoozi menstrual lingerie is made of a succession of three different fabrics located in the bottom of the panties. The functioning of these three membranes:

  1. The first material is a draining fabric, which is in contact with the skin, it is there to avoid any feeling of humidity . Its role is to drain the flow; it will take and attract the blood towards the absorbent material in order to feel dry in the menstrual panties.
  1. The second fabric is absorbent; this is where the number of layers will be adapted according to the level of absorption desired for the menstrual panties , one or two layers depending on the absorption efficiency required. This fabric will absorb menstruation and neutralize unpleasant odors.
  1. The third membrane is waterproof; it will provide good protection and prevent leaks , it is very important to have this 100% waterproof material because it is perfect for retaining and preventing the menstrual panties from leaking.

Who can use Qoozi period lingerie?

Our washable and reusable panties can be used by different people of all ages. They are also suitable for teenagers from the first menstrual cycle , the panties are adapted to the different degrees of menstrual flow, from the weakest to the strongest. Menstrual underwear is also used by people with urinary incontinence problems . The Swiss Qoozi menstrual panties are a way to compensate for urinary leakage, for example after pregnancy or a childbirth.


Why use periodic lingerie?

Here are the 6 good reasons to use Qoozi period lingerie:

  1. With our collection of period underwear we defend above all the health and well-being of all menstruating people: thanks to our reusable panties, it is possible to avoid all protections containing chemicals and harmful products , it is a protection comfortable to use there is nothing to insert into the vagina, so no risk of toxic shock. Menstrual briefs are much better for the health of young teenagers in order to teach them from the first periods to use period protection that respects their body.
  1. To be comfortable during the days of your period, it is important to have good quality reusable protection , with the period panties everything stays in place, it hugs the buttocks well so there is no longer any risk of positioning it incorrectly. . In addition, the Qoozi panties are made of Gots certified organic cotton, very soft on the skin, it also frees the body from any unpleasant effects; it is THE ideal solution for sensitive skin, no more irritation in the private parts!
  1. Practical and minimalist menstrual panties simplify life , because once equipped, they will be available at all times, every month, no need to think about stocking up on period protection . It is possible to take it and wear it in all circumstances, during physical activity, at the office, at school and even at night. Moreover, Qoozi menstrual panties are available in several sizes, we have teen menstrual panties for girls from 10 years old (size 32) up to adult size 4XL (48 - 50
  2. elle Suisse Qoozi provides all-day protection for medium to heavy flows. It can be used on its own, without any additional policy protection. At the level of the crotch, the width and the different layers of fabric offer great absorption capacity while guaranteeing to stay comfortable and dry throughout the day and without leakage or odor .
  1. Periodic lingerie is a durable product, it can be reused for several years. In addition to being a friend of the environment, she will also become the best friend for saving money! Indeed, the menstrual panties are reusable and therefore economical; with 3 periodic panties and a little organization for washing, that's what it takes to be ready to face the cycle in complete relaxation. Over several years, this is much cheaper than the boxes of tampons and packets of disposable sanitary napkins, which you will not only have to buy, but also throw away, in taxed garbage bags.
  1. No more single-use pads such as disposable sanitary napkins and panty liners. With these panties, no waste and no waste; it considerably reduces your ecological footprint. In short, using reusable periodic protection means taking care of yourself by helping to help our planet and reduce pollution.