Culotte menstruelle ado: L'alternative parfaite pour les ados pour les premiers menstruations

The first rules: When and how to prepare?

The first period: how to prepare?

Are you going to get your period soon? You don't really know how to go about preparing for this important moment? Do not panic, we will give you all the necessary information so that you can easily find your way around. Ready to learn more? So let's go !

What is the age of the first period?

The first period can sometimes be taboo. But we still have to talk about it so that each girl can prepare as well as possible. The first legitimate question to ask is simply age. There are no fixed answers to this: every girl is different. However, it must still be taken into account that you should have them between your 10 years and your 14 years generally. But that can be much later. Some women reach their twenties without ever having had their period, for example.


Also, be aware that certain factors may influence the period of the first period. We can cite food, sport, stress or even genetics. As you should know, these occur when hormonal secretions adopt an irregular rhythm. So let's talk about puberty.

How do you know when you are going to have your first period?

It is quite complicated to know what each person feels. Indeed, as you must surely suspect, each woman will react in a different way: in the same way that the pain will not be felt in the same way, for example. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to take into account that certain signs are not misleading. Here is a short list of these so you know what to expect:

  • Chest development.
  • The appearance of hairs.

Generally, it should be noted that the first menstruation comes two years after its first signals. It is also possible to notice white or yellowish discharge that appears during the month preceding the arrival of the first period. Note also that you could also have a growth spurt of a few centimeters. It is therefore necessary to be on the lookout for all these signs in order to best prepare for this important moment.

How long does the first period last?

Once again, this is not a specific element that you can have. Indeed, each girl is different and the duration of the first menstruation can therefore be more or less long. Nevertheless, it takes between 3 and 5 days, generally. But if your first period lasts longer or shorter, you don't have to worry either: everything is normal.


When you are going to have your first period, it should be noted that the cycles will be shorter and lighter than those you will have afterwards. It's up to your body to gradually get used to this new experience. Once these are regular, you will have them at the same time each month, but they will also last the same number of days.

What are the symptoms of menstruation?

When you are going to have your period, it is important to take into account that many symptoms can appear before, but also at the beginning of your cycle. These are not necessarily pleasant, but they still allow you to show that your body is working well. It should also be noted that there are more than a hundred symptoms: you will not feel them all. Indeed, you might just have a stomach ache when other women have headaches and feel tired, for example.


Also, although for some women, these are bearable, it should be noted that for others, it is a rather difficult period. It should also be noted that these can be physical such as headaches, sales pain or even tenderness in the breasts. But you can also have psychological symptoms such as irritability or an increased feeling of hunger, for example.

Can the symptoms of the first period be relieved?

Whether you have one or more symptoms during your period, it is perfectly possible to relieve them. If you have pain at the sales level, you can perfectly opt for painkillers that you can see over the counter, for example.


In any case, whatever type of symptoms you have, it is perfectly possible to seek advice from your pharmacist. Also, if one drug does not work, you should definitely choose another: every woman reacts differently to drug solutions for period pain.


It should also be noted that if you have the impression that the pain of your period is greater than in other women, do not hesitate to contact a doctor. The latter will be able to give you stronger medications or simply find you a solution that will perfectly meet your needs.

How to choose the right protection for your first period?

When you have your first period, it is important to choose your protections carefully. It will be possible to opt for a sanitary napkin, a tampon or menstrual panties . Generally, girls go for pads, which are much easier to put on than a tampon. Moreover, if you have your first period, the tampon is not the protection we can recommend: it can be practical for going swimming, but it is not the best solution to adopt for your menstrual health.


But for some time now, for young girls it has been possible to opt for teen menstrual panties and the latter is rather interesting: you just have to put on period panties, which are padded at the level of the vagina, like normal panties. . So you'll be comfortable in your underwear all day, which is pretty good news.


As you can see, having her first period can really be a milestone in a girl's life. Thus, in order for the issue to be easily addressed when the time comes, it is necessary to take the time to talk about it and discuss it. We hope this article has given you all the answers you need to get through this stage of your life!

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