Les avantages d'utiliser des protections menstruelles lavables

Benefits of using washable menstrual pads

For our comfort, menstrual protections have become obvious during our periods. An obvious fact which, over the years, will have evolved to meet new challenges, these being intended to be practical in nature but also ecological. Because today we can have the luxury of benefiting from viable menstrual protection and ensuring that these, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to us, harmonize with our environmental convictions.

What exactly do we mean by menstrual protection?

Menstrual protections or, more modestly called “hygienic protections” in the broad sense, concern all hygiene products intended to prevent the inconveniences inherent to menstruation, whether they are abundant or not. Menstrual protection, first of all, is intended to protect us and our clothes from the consequences of menstruation by protecting us from possible leaks which could be harmful.

Because of the nature of the rules that are imposed on us, escaping them is inevitable unless you risk upsetting your hormonal cycle . Also, to live with serenity and without depriving yourself of outings on the pretext that our menstrual cycle would upset us, menstrual protection will have become essential instruments in order to better contain the rules.

These hygienic products are then dispensed in a myriad of varieties likely to suit everyone's desires. To combine both comfort and discretion , products aimed at menstrual protection can be offered to all habits. However, most of the affected products sometimes have disadvantages compared to other newer ones. It is therefore preferable to opt for menstrual protections capable of agreeing to the modalities of your menstrual cycle.

Conventional menstrual protection is insufficient on several counts

Classic menstrual protections are also the most famous. It is they that advertising never fails to promote. A promotion noticed and known to all while different sanitary tampons, among other towels, also intended to prevent menstrual hazards, are offered to women without really offering a viable alternative.

And yet, this alternative would be desirable in view of the disadvantages relating to this type of sanitary protection. Because, although tampons and sanitary napkins have been offered to women for decades, these solutions, even if they want to be a little more efficient in terms of their absorption rate, nevertheless know their limits.

Prohibitive limits, especially when these are not adapted to the menstrual flow of a woman who, therefore, cannot trust them. But beyond these technical constraints, the conventional hygienic solution has the major drawback of being disposable .

However, in view of the number of periods that a woman will have in her life, and if we take into account the fact that these menstrual protections are not recyclable, this then creates a very large ecological mess. The composition of disposable menstrual protection prevents any ecological approach to the management of menstruation . At least, until recently with the arrival of period panties.

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The revolution brought by period panties

It is the end of these disposable sanitary protections which, in addition to being polluting, are only moderately effective in addition to being expensive. Period panties, made from natural materials and intended to be very comfortable, have been designed to absorb the flow of menstruation while ensuring your comfort.

Capable of optimal efficiency throughout the day, menstrual panties , in the same day, can absorb the equivalent of three to four tampons. But, more interestingly, ruler's breeches have the significant advantage of being washable.

Wanting to be more efficient than conventional menstrual protection on the one hand but also environmentally friendly , period panties are a revolution in the world of menstrual protection. A revolution that can therefore only be beneficial to those who try it.

Washable sanitary napkins: another alternative

The future of sanitary protection is being played out today as the all-disposable era comes to an end. If you want to wear your favorite underwear when your menstrual cycle is less favorable to you, then you can too thanks to washable sanitary napkins. They are also very absorbent, they will be able to contain a substantial flow before you just have to put it in the washing machine to reuse it.

Ecological, economical, comfortable and functional, washable menstrual protection will benefit you in more ways than one. The ecological transition also concerns menstrual protection . It's up to you then to know how to take the first step towards a change that will only help to make your life easier.

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