Comment bien choisir sa culotte de règle ?

How to choose the right period panties?

Perhaps you have only just discovered this revolution that constitutes period panties. These, in fact, have characteristics that you will have to take into account in order to opt for the best choice in terms of menstrual underwear. Choosing the right period panties, then, will suppose relying on our advice so that you can be correctly directed towards the model that will suit you. A model that you will make abundant use of since menstrual panties are washable which, among many other things, makes them much better menstrual protection than conventional tampons and sanitary napkins.

The need to opt for period panties

Here we will teach you how to choose your period panties wisely. This one should not only be vaguely pleasant to you, but should suit you in every way. A menstrual underwear, because of its attributions and its importance, then, will have to be irreproachable to never let you down.

Thanks to its absorbent capacities which, in addition, will keep you dry in addition to being comfortable, a period panty, when it is well chosen, is guaranteed to save you the slightest leakage. Too many times perhaps, have you been betrayed by your classic menstrual protections. This will no longer be the case now when you know how to choose your period panties. In addition to being ecological, these organic menstrual protections are economical and good for your health.

Choose your period panties to suit your habits

What is meant by "habits" covers the menstrual reality that is imposed on you. All women, in fact, are not equal in terms of their menstrual cycle . Some live this event as innocuous when, others, they are more concerned about the possible consequences that their rules could entail.

Choosing the right period panties, then, involves knowing the volume of your flow at the end of each menstrual cycle. Each menstrual panty adapts to a diverging amount of flow depending on the models concerned. Some menstrual panties, thicker than others and nevertheless very discreet, can absorb the equivalent of more than four sanitary tampons in twelve hours.

In this case, it is up to you to determine which period panties suit you with regard to what is incumbent on your menstrual cycle. Each of our period panties is provided with an exhaustive product sheet so that you know what to expect from it. From there, you can determine if the characteristics presented are suitable for you with regard to your menstrual habits.

I opt for period panties

Comfort does not dispense with elegance!

Do not think that menstrual lingerie is not just a simple ecological palliative to your tampons and other sanitary napkins. They are much more than that in reality while their properties are multiple.

A period panty, if its main principle is to contain the flow of your menstrual cycle, allows more than that. Although already practical, a rule panty, because it is washable, is also more ecological. But that's not enough when it comes to offering the best period underwear available .

Indeed, period panties must know how to be as discreet as they are elegant. Practicality should never come at the expense of aesthetics. Also, you can find ranges of sexy lace period panties to be comfortable while being nicely dressed. Just because it's functional doesn't mean period panties only have to be functional. Elegance can perfectly lend itself to wearing panties intended to contain menstrual flows without ever losing its luster.

Many models at your disposal so that you have the choice

In addition to menstrual panties for adults, you will also find many other models, all of which are adapted to the age, to a given situation or to suit your clothing tastes . Elastic, wide enough to prevent the slightest leakage, period panties will be as pleasant for you to go out as to go to work, sleep or even to do your gym.

Choosing the right period panties, then, involves knowing what circumstance you intend to use them for in the first place. This, not without obviously omitting that your period panties, to offer you optimal menstrual protection, will obviously have to be adapted to the flow of your menstruation so that you do not experience any unfortunate hazards during the day.

I choose teen period panties
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