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Qoozi®, les culottes menstruelles pour les ados et adultes

La technologie absorbante QOOZI®, un assemblage de tissus soigneusement sélectionnés pour leur capacités absorbants et drainants afin vous éviter toute fuite, odeur et sensation d’humidité lors des pertes menstruelles ou lors des fuites urinaires. Nos culottes de règles sont faites de coton bio et de modal, une matière douce et extensible issue de pulpe de bois de hêtre. Un duo parfait pour vous garantir des sous-vêtements absorbants sans produit toxique, solide et de qualités qui durent dans le temps. Qoozi®, une marque Suisse crée depuis mai 2021, nous développons des culottes absorbantes pour les femmes de toutes morphologies et ainsi que pour les jeunes filles dès 10 ans. Englobantes et rassurantes, nos culottes répondront jour et nuit à vos attentes lors de pertes abondantes. Adopter la culotte réutilisable c'est avant tout prendre soin de soi tout en agissant positivement pour l'environnement.

TEENS MENSTRUAL PANTIES: Easy-to-use period protection

Menstrual panties are a healthy hygienic alternative that will help your daughter easily experience her first menstrual cycles. The shorty is well suited for teens and pre-teens. Menstrual protection in organic cotton that is non-invasive for the body and very easy to use . Like a classic panty, it can be used alone, for a whole day. Period panties that are comfortable and secure even during sports activities at school. It protects well against leaks. With our first menstruation kit the beginnings of menstruation will be easier to live with.

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THE SUPER HIGH-WAIST PANTIES: Elegant even during the menstrual period

Having your period no longer has to be synonymous with discomfort and disgrace. With the super high waist in modal, it is finally possible to enjoy optimal comfort while feeling pretty in your new menstrual lingerie. A stretchy and covering panty. It is to be used on all occasions, during the usual cycle , and also as postpartum menstrual panties after childbirth. Very absorbent and just as practical as it is beautiful, it is suitable for medium to heavy losses.

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MENSTRUAL LINGERIE: Beautiful, reusable and respectful of your body

Qoozi® is intended for people who are sensitive to their menstrual health and who like quality underwear in order to be comfortable and comfortable during their period.
Thanks to our high-performance period lingerie in organic cotton no need to choose between comfort and aesthetics. Both healthy for you and for the planet, they are toxic-free and washable. Durable, they replace disposable sanitary napkins and are just waiting for you to revolutionize your daily life!

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With Qoozi you have 45 days to test your first menstrual panties, if they don't suit you we will refund you.

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